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A Web Quest for World History


Designed by

Christine Kelly

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David Glass

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Kathleen McNall

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Through out the Middle Ages, vastly 
different civilizations thrived through 
out the world. Important events and 
ideologies impacted the lives of people
in all these regions. In the closing 
years of the 15th century, Columbus' 
'discovery' of a new world created
interest in these foreign civilizations
as well as apprehension. Thus the stage
was set for unprecedented interaction
between these far-flung regions of the
world and the creation of a new world 

The major broadcast networks are competing
for ratings and they send their best reporters
(you!) out into the field to report on....what the
world looked like in the 1500s.

The Process
1. Working in a team you will research and gather information about your assigned region using a GEARS chart
and the Internet.

G = Government and Geography 
E = Economy 
A = Art 
R = Religion 
S = Society - Social structure
*GEARS charts will be provided in class

You should also consider the following in your research: 
What is the condition of your region? Is it losing power or gaining power? 
What makes your region of the world unique? 
What events (wars, disease, trade) have shaped or are
shaping your region?
 How did the ideologies of your people
shape your region?

  2. To present your research your team will develop a twenty
minute newscast, which will be presented to the class.

*Sample formats will be discussed in class

  3. You will be graded on your:

*Lab Time 
*Research....Gears, Bibliography, Notes 
*Group Work 
*Oral Presentation 
*Culminating question essay 
*A Rubric and GEARS note sheets will be provided in class 



*Civilizations of the Americas 
*The Middle Ages -Western Europe 
*The Byzantine Empire and Russia -Eastern Europe 
*The Muslim World - Middle East 
*Africa - Kingdoms and trading States 
*China, Japan, India - Spread of Civilizations in East Asia 

Suggested Web Sites: 

You may use the following web sites and are required to use your new Internet research skills to find 2 new sites for your assigned region.

The World in 1500 

Civilizations in America 

Middle Ages 

Byzantine Empire, early Russia, and Muslim Expansion

The Muslim World

1. [Regents Prep Global History] Golden Ages: Golden Age of Islam

Kingdoms of Africa

1. Course Readings: Early AfricanKingdoms

Spread of Civilizations in East Asia...China, and Japan



See Rubric


Write a five-paragraph essay answering the following

What region of the world, in the 1500s would you choose to
live in? Support your position with three factual reasons.

You many not choose the region you researched!!

Credits and References

Using the format samples provided please list, in correct 
form, all the sources you used.....including ones provided in
this Web Quest.

                                             Name:                                                                                                 Date:












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