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Marking Period 1
Marking Period 2
Marking Period 3
Marking Period 4

REMINDER: When you come to the band room for a lesson, you must check-in with your lessons teacher. If you cannot attend your scheduled music lesson due to a test or guest speaker, you must have your classroom teacher sign a blue form and then return it to your lessons teacher. You are responsible for any work missed in your regular class when lessons are scheduled and should tell your teacher when you have lessons.

Lessons equal 30% of your Marking Period Grade.



ALL Flute (A Cycle/Rotating Day)
WE Clarinet (A Cycle/Rotating Day)
CB Clarinet (A Cycle/Rotating Day)
ALL Alto Sax (B Cycle/Rotating Day)
WE Low Reed (B Cycle/Rotating Day)
CB Low Reed (B Cycle/Rotating Day)

WE Woodwind MU (A Cycle/C Day)
CB Woodwind MU (A Cycle/C Day)


WE Trumpet (A Cycle/A Day)
CB Trumpet (B Cycle/B Day)
CB Horn (B Cycle/C Day)

WE Trombone (A Cycle/A Day)
CB Trombone (B Cycle/A Day)

WE Euphonium (A Cycle/C Day)
CB Euphonium (B Cycle/C Day)

WE Tuba (A Cycle/D Day)
CB Tuba (B Cycle/A Day)
WE Brass Makeup (A Cycle/B Day)
CB Brass Makeup (B Cycle/D Day)

WE Percussion (A Cycle/B Day)
CB Percussion (B Cycle/B Day)
WE Percussion MU (A Cycle/D Day)
CB Percussion MU (B Cycle/C Day)

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