Essay Rubric

Scoring Rubric for Essay Questions Points


8-10  *  Contains well-developed thesis that deals explicitly
tuith the assigned topic.

         *  Supports thesis with substantial, relevant information
         *  Understands complexity of question; deals with
several examples in depth although
treatment may not be

         *  Effective analysis
         *  May contain minor errors

5-7   *  Contains a clear thesis with limited reference to the
assigned topic.

        *  Supports thesis with some factual information
        *  Limited understanding of complexity; will deal with
examples but only one in some depth,
or truth examples in a
more general way

        *  Limited analysis; mostly describes

        *  May contain errors that do not detract from the overall
essay and argument

2-4   *  May lack a thesis; or, thesis may be confused or

        *  Lacks supporting information; or information which is
given is minimal, even confused .

        *  Ignores complexity; may deal truth one example in a
general way or several examples

           in a superficial way
        *  No analysis . |
        *  May contain major errors

0-1   *  Irrelevant or incompetent response
        *  May simply paraphrase or restate the question
        *  Little or no understanding of the question

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